Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two months ago, a friend came to me about a company called Royalty7. At first glance it look decent and off of her faith, I signed up. Being cynical to throw away money, I did not do anything and literally forgot that I had joined. Recently I talked with my sponsor and asked her how was she doing in Royalty7, because I was thinking about putting $25 in. I wanted to make sure that it worked and that I was able to withdraw my money before I shared this with my friends and family. My sponsors initial investment in mid -February was $400. I don't want to throw out exact numbers or income claims but in much less than eight weeks she has tripled her initial investment. My sponsor is a person that is literally all over the place, with just a little focus on Royalty7, I could only imagine what that figure could be.

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Royalty 7 is a wealth management
business that provides a lucrative ROI's plans along with a full account privacy, top level security, friendly account panel and dedicated support staff. With 7% Daily you can't go wrong, your principle will be returned extremely fast to reduce any possibilitiesof loss. Royalty7 is here long term and do whatever it takes to be the one you can rely upon during trying times.

As a
smart investor, the first thing to do is to make sure you recover your initial investment before going any further with a program. If for some reason the program fails for reasons unknown, you have not lost anything but the future interest. Once you are earning a considerable amount of money, reinvest part of it and withdraw part of it to fund your other online initiatives.

Royalty7 claims that all its
members get an equal chance to profit from its 7% daily and 110% weekly plans on a long-term basis with the lowest possible risk of losing their initial investment. The minimum amount that investors can invest with Royalty 7 is twenty five dollars whereas the maximum amount is $250, 000. An investor with Royalty7 can have up to seven active investments at one time. The Royalty 7 networks is active in the fields of Real Estate Investment, Finance, Tourism, Import/Export and Energy.

Royalty7 also offers its investors an
affiliate program via which they get an instant credit of 5% commission with every affiliate whom they make. The company accepts payments through Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Alert Pay, and soon it plans on taking payments from International Swift.

7% Daily for
Thirty days
This plan was carefully designed to bring
steady daily return of exactly 7%. Interest will be credited from Monday through Friday (business days only) until the end of the Thirty days investment period. Once 30 days has passed, your principle will reach its expiration date
and you will have 154% returned.

For Example: $10,000
financial commitment will get you $700 interest every 24 hours, you'll receive an amount equivalent to your principle of $10,000 in around 14 business days time frame, and in the end of investment period you'll have a total of $15,400. You can always re-invest (compound) or take out.

110% After 7 days
short term plan was specially created for trial purposes. It will pay 10% profit, and return your principle at the end of the term after 7 calendar days. This plan gives less opportunity for compounding and lower profit in comparison to the monthly plan, but should be more practical for investors seeking faster solution, if only to test out the financial service. 

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